Don't hesitate... Give First

February 13, 2020

First published on LinkedIn.

As I source companies for the 2020 Techstars Western Union accelerator, I’m often asked what I look for in founders.

Sure, it’s important to have perseverance, grit, integrity and the ability to inspire others to follow your vision. The list could go on and on.

But one common trait that forms a thread among all Techstars founders is Give First, or the simple act of helping others, especially entrepreneurs, without any expectation of return.

Give First is one of the core principles in the Techstars Code of Conduct that founders and mentors agree to. It’s in our DNA as Techstars staff, ecosystem builders, startup connectors, and entrepreneurial optimists. Give First is why I joined Techstars and why I love my work supporting founders.

No ego. No pretense. Just Give First.

Give First is how we live our primary value that entrepreneurs create a better future. Give First is how we build strong startup networks around the world that are built to last throughout your entrepreneurial journey from your first company to your last.

Regardless of where you are in your founder journey, Give First is there to see you through good times and tough times. I encourage you to join me in practicing Give First. Ask yourself how you can help a fellow founder today. The results just may surprise you.