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Startups & Innovation are Growing in Guanajuato, Mexico: Here's What I Saw

I recently had the opportunity to attend (& speak at) Capital Startup Capital 2022 in Guanajuato, #Mexico. I met with tons of inspiring #Latam founder friends and investors contributing to the growing startup & innovation ecosystem.

Actually, Life is Nothing Like a Marathon

I asked myself, does everything have to be "like a marathon?" Without much thought, it seems to be the go-to saying for anyone on an epic journey. I realized life is nothing like a marathon and that there's a healthier perspective to understand our place in the world and each other's lives.

Don't hesitate... Give First

Regardless of where you are in your founder journey, Give First is there to see you through good times and tough times. I encourage you to join me in practicing Give First. Ask yourself how you can help a fellow founder today. The results just may surprise you.

Challenges of Launching Your Impact Venture in Rural America...and some good news

If you are a founder who is really determined to make it happen in a rural community, there's no question the road ahead will be tough. But the support you receive will be tremendous and you'll build your venture knowing there are many others doing the same thing willing to share their stories and best practices.