Josef Scarantino has spent nearly 20 years in entrepreneurship, innovation, & social impact. His wide experience has granted him a view from all sides of venture creation, including product design & development, founder & CEO, accelerator program director, founder educator, fund operations & portfolio manager, & finally, investor. Above all, Josef values his experience as a founder mentor while standing as an avid advocate for inclusion and equity in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Read more...

July 18, 2022
Actually, Life is Nothing Like a Marathon

I asked myself, does everything have to be "like a marathon?" Without much thought, it seems to be the go-to saying for anyone on an epic journey. I realized life is nothing like a marathon and that there's a healthier perspective to understand our place in the world and each other's lives.

June 1, 2022
How to Get Started Building a Network of Value

If you’re interested in becoming a founder, investor, or even just exploring the startup ecosystem hoping to find a role that fits like a glove, you’re going to need to build a network. Not just any network of random connections, but a network specifically curated to your interests, goals, and passions in life. Here's a plan for building your network intentionally.

May 13, 2022
Why Caring for the Whole Self is Critical in Achieving Inclusion & Equity

If entrepreneurship and venture capital are ever going to be environments where everyone will be able to fully participate, we need to start opening our eyes to the holistic needs of humans we interact with every single day.

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